Networking? Get working!

People use their contacts…fact.

Well that’s all hunky-dory if you actually have them! I spring from a family of medics…4 generations of them!! I mean don’t get me wrong, if I wanted to be a medic, I’m sure I’d have it made!! I did manage to get a days work experience through dad when I was 15 in a pathology lab following a mild overdose of CSI…but that promising career came to an abrupt end when I clocked the disappointing reality that CSI embellished the truth slightly.

Ever said something resembling…’yeh it is amazing but he only got it because his dad knows such and such…’ I think we all have. It’s bitter, eases the feeling that we are being left behind for a moment, but how constructive is it? I think you will agree, not very!  So stop moaning and GET OUT THERE!  Show the world who you are and what you have to offer! This is the only way to level the playing field.


It really is that simple. Aim high. Contact people/companies directly and be proactive. The traditional job search is dead. This fantastic ebook called ‘recession proof graduate’is full of ways to navigate these unfamiliar waters. Try them and see how differently people respond to you!

The thing to remember is that, yes the people you scorn for using their contacts may have managed to land YOUR dream internship or job, but is it theirs? Unless you are really lucky and have always known what you wanted to do, and have thus planned your qualifications around achieving it, the morning after graduation is a nasty cocktail of hangover and sheer panic.  This panic only intensifies as the months go on and perhaps forces us to make decisions that our gut tells us not to. “Listen to Your Gut” – Wise words there from Yakult (I employ such intellectual references, my parents are so proud ;p )

Parental/societal pressure plays a massive part in the decisions we all take after uni.  To stick to the analogy of us being stalled at the toll booth- It is so so tempting after a couple of failed attempts to find first gear, to give up, get into the passenger seat and let someone else drive. Fed up of society honking its horn!

I remember when I was learning to drive, my dad took me out to practice hill starts (on a seriously sleep slope similar to the one we find ourselves facing now!) I must have stalled 15-20 times in a row. But did I get out? HELL NO! I’m far too stubborn for that. I wonder if he is glad that I have carried that trait through into adulthood :p ?! I have days when I really believe that I am capable of doing something really incredible and that the career I want is out there waiting for me, but I also have days when the differences between me and my brother (a banker) seem overpowering and I feel under enormous pressure to be as successful as him… and quick! Only one problem…he stole all the maths genes, leaving me to struggle in ‘special’ classes at school. Hmm. Law conversion it is then!

BUT! As a recent blog post from the boys at ‘escape the city’ so eloquently puts it, the world doesn’t need another accidental lawyer…it needs passionate ones!

So..breathe, laugh at yourself, and take time to figure out who you are and what you want. Then go for it. The effort you put into things when you really really want them is incomparable to the half arsed, lackadaisical way you will approach someone else’s dream.

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